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Why use mobile ip dialer?


If you want to easily access your calling card or a VoIP service from your mobile phone without changing the way you dial numbers, then this SIM dialer is just what you need. It will pay for itself in no time and allow you to totally avoid your mobile provider's expensive rates.
Now you can make the most of low-cost calls via Calling Cards or other IP Services straight from your mobile without the hassle of dialing access codes, PINs and then trying to remember the number you wish to call, or trying to include the access codes in your phonebook.
The IP AutoDialer card will allow you to set up dial plans to automatically access calling card services, VoIP services (such as via PennySIM) or ANI callback services (such as PennyTel, MyNetFone, ClicknCallnow, Maxotel) and value-added services by simply dialing the number you want to call and the IP AutoDialer will do the rest automatically. If you have a VoIP service at home, you can have your mobile calls charged at the same rates and appear on your VoIP call list / invoice.
You don't need Smartdial numbers (PennyTel) or dialer software that only works on certain phones. The IP dialer card will work on virtually any mobile phone, either 2G, 3G or NextG, on any mobile network saving you heaps of time and money. The most popular solution is to use a long-expiry pre-paid SIM card and call directly via the SIM if you get free or cheap calls to other users of the network, but make all other calls via your call back or VoIP service.
The dialer can store access numbers for 3 different services and you simply select the one you want to be active. There is a choice of calling methods:
  1. Prefix Call (CONT. CALL) adds the Service Number as a prefix before the destination number then makes the phone call. This mode is useful for Value-Added Services offered by some mobile carriers.
  2. Dial through (ICC) is used for making phone calls using a calling card or VoIP subscription based service. The SIM Dialer dials the Service Number, once connected, it dials the dial sequence (e.g. preferred language, PIN, etc.) and the destination number.
  3. Call back (ICB) makes a call to the callback service number, the remote side terminates your call, then calls back in several seconds (ANI). You answer the call, and the SIM Dialer sends the destination number.
There are several modes under ICC and ICB to match different providers' systems and different mobile phones, for example, adding # after the destination number.
If you do not subscribe to a VoIP service, then why not join one of the free plans offered by most VoIP providers and start saving on calls from your home phone and mobile phone. You don't even need an internet or broadband connection to use VoIP since most providers have global access (calling card like service) or call back facilities. Otherwise you can join a plan that includes national and mobile calls which could mean that all your calls via the SIM dialer are covered. Such plans include Crazy Talk from PennyTel ($18.88 per month includes unlimited national calls and 150 mobile calls or 500 mobile minutes), Turbosaver from MyNetFone ($12.95 per month includes 50 national calls and 100 mobile minutes) and Gotalk's $19.95 plan (which includes 600 national calls and 100 mobile calls or 500 mobile minutes).
For calling card services (ICC), recommended mobile services include:
  • PennyTel with a PennySIM card as calls to the access number are free
For callback services (ICB), as you are not being charged by your mobile carrier at all, any mobile service is fine. Recommended VoIP / Calling Card / Callback service providers include:
  • PennyTel [Australia] (10.5c per minute mobile leg)
  • Maxotel [Australia] (15c per minute mobile leg)
  • MyNetFone [Australia] (12c-15c per minute mobile leg)
  • ClicknCallnow (19c per minute mobile leg)
  • OKTel (18c per minute mobile leg)
  • Various international callback services like Alliance, UWT, GlobalTel

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