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What versions do we have?

  • Universal Unlock SIM- Unlock all cell phones             
  • Free-cut Universal Unlock SIM- Unlock all cell phones, no need to cut your original SIM Card  
  • Free-cut Unlock SIM for iPhone- Special designed for iPhone, only unlock iPhone                  
  • IP CALL / IP Dialer- Functions of call through,call back and so on.Can setup on computer.
  • Free-cut IP dialer- Same functions as above ,no need to cut or punch SIM Card.                 
  • Unlock+Dialer SIM- Unlock and IP Dialer in one card.
  • Dual SIM-for iPhone or normal phone
  • Pre-configured IP dialer make to customer's order.

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  Description: Latest Release Time: 2009/10/11
Source Format: PDF
Oringal: Guangzhou • China
Language: English
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