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You may concern on?

Do you ship worldwide ?

PS: Yes. We ship with DHL Air mail which normally takes 3 days delivery.

Any warranty?

PS: Yes! All cards got one year guaranteed. Yet we haven’t received any requires on return goods so far.


How do I pay?

  PS: Currently, we receive payment through Paypal, Western Union and bank transfer.

Dose this card works in my country?

  PS: Yes! Our IP CALL mobile dialer, Universal Unlock cards are tested, support any networks in

What is IP CALL?

  PS: Standard mobile SIM dialer will show IP CALL on the stk menu. IP CALL is an adapter, also called mobile SIM dialer, SIM IP dialer, SIM VoIP dialer. It stored access numbers and set dialing rules in advance, thus you do not have to remember all of the long access numbers.


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  Description: Latest Release Time: 2009/10/11
Source Format: PDF
Oringal: Guangzhou • China
Language: English
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